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Andrew Yeadon is standing in front of a tree by a lake doing Qigong. The sun is shining on the hillside behind him as the water on the lake ripples gently.


Andrew has been practicing Qigong and meditation for over 30 years. His interest was sparked initially through reading books and practicing martial arts as a teenager. This interest led him to take a gap year placement in Nepal in 1993 where he studied Hinduism and Buddhism and learned yoga.  While there he met with a number of highly regarded yogis who were able to offer an insight into meditation and its potential.



Andrew took a place at Birmingham University in 1994 to study Philosophy. While there he met Buddhist Supawan Green, a highly regarded instructor who introduced him to T’ai Chi and Qigong and trained under her for four years. He also continued his harder martial arts training representing the University three times in the National Student Judo Championships. On graduating he was awarded the prize for Philosophical writing.


In 1999 he travelled to Bangkok, Thailand to study traditional Yang T'ai Chi under Chinese master Zhao Youbin, one of the most respected teachers of the art. He then spent ten days on a silent meditation retreat in the Buddhist temple of Wat Suan Mokkh. While there he had his first experience teaching Qigong taking the morning exercise classes.


Since 1999 Andrew moved back to his home town of Barnard Castle and, while helping develop TCR, a charity for young people, continued his own personal practices of Yoga, meditation, T'ai Chi and Qigong. He set up a weekly T'ai Chi and Qigong class and also became a BJA judo coach.


Through this time he studied many other complimentary arts and subjects.

In recent years he has studied under masters Annie Cryar and Catherine Burnett in Hastings to gain qualifications to teach Qigong Shibashi. He now specialises in teaching Qigong running weekly classes and three week-long intensive courses every year.

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